Chart Your Course


Set your sight on a new course!

Take a deep breath…navigate a plan on how to reach your goals and stay on top. No more feeling overwhelmed and over-worked.

Let go of the day-to-day tasks, focus on your passion… Stop doing it all and start delegating to a Virtual Assistant!

At Bizy Biz Virtual Assistant, we like to say “no office required” as we provide your business the professional virtual support you deserve!  All this from a remote location, using our own office.  Communication is virtual, via Google Hangout, email and cell phone.  We provide extra TASK support so you stay above water, without the overhead expense.

You are saving money by using 

Bizy Biz Virtual Assistant!


How is that you ask?

  • Only pay for the work you want done, such as mini-projects or one-time projects, and no paying for employee down time.
  • No payroll or employee benefits expenses.
  • No IT hardware, software or office supplies expenses, no need to set up office space
    for employees.
  • No personnel training expenses.
  • Free up your time to focus on the things you love, and to concentrate on income generating aspects of your business.

Here’s how Bizy Biz Virtual Assistant can help:

We work on mini-projects, one-time projects and ongoing task support.

We specialize in WordPress web site creation and content management, internet marketing, social media set up and coordination, product development/launch, administrative support, basic bookkeeping, and taking care of the simple tasks that you dread doing, or that are high on your priority list, but low on your motivation list.

As a result of using Bizy Biz Virtual Assistant, you will….

Have peace of mind knowing your work is being done and the task is getting completed on time.  Together, we can set a course to great things!


  1. You are one amazing virtual assistant. You allow this small business owner to focus on what she is passionate about and help me attain my goal of leading a fulfilling, balanced life!

    Thank you,

    Dr. Simone Ravicz

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